Title: IM
Performance with video
Year: 2016
Created for the Europäisches Theaterhaus in Lingen, Germany

Collective Important Artists (Luuk Wildschut, Amber Stoop, Jesse van der Wel, Nadine Febranof, Inga Otte, Dieuwke Slump)

In commission of the European Theatre House (ETH) in Lingen, Germany, I created the interdisciplinaire performance IM with students from theatre and fine art. This year's theme of the ETH was Labour and Identity. We did a lot of experiments with fine art and theatre-combinations and contradictions, and eventually presented a performance around the themes and our research. 

The performance was situated in a clean, white setting, with a white ballet floor, two fallen over, white tables, white laptops and thousends of carefully and systematically arranged white pencils. In this setting, four performers had one action each, which they kept repeating over and over again. While they were doing that, the audience could also see the performers' vlogs on the laptops, recorded over the course of the making process. In these vlogs, the performers told the camera every morning what they wanted to achieve that day, and every evening the told the camera whether or not they had achieved their goals. Every now and then, these vlogs got interrupted by a quote from a philosopher or politician about Labour and Identity.

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