Title: Maxi Reacti
Experimental group exhibition
Year: 2018
Participating artists: Mark Kramer, Danielle Papenborg, Jelle Slof, Isabelle Bisseling, Jesse Strikwerda, Jeroen Kooren, Robin Ferdinand Groot, Dieuwke Slump, Christin Mussa, Annemiek Smit, Medium, Roy Ruepert 
curated by Roy Ruepert

Every participating artist brought two own works and material of their chosing to the White Suit Projections-studio. Over a period of several weeks, artists could come in and change the space: rearrange the works or even take them apart, change them and create new combinations with other works. We would both collaborate and challenge and provoke each other. 
There was a constant intersection of watching, creating, destroying, talking. 

Dieuwke Slump
Alle rechten voorbehouden 2018
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