Title: Op zoek naar een incoherent verhaal (In search of a non-coherent narrative)
Thesis and delegated performance
Year: 2019
Performer: Fonge Frieling

The thesis ┬┤In search of a noncoherent narrative: from an oppressive archive towards an anarchive openfor all voices, all narratives, all perspectives┬┤ starts with exploring the power dynamics and socio-political structures of the archive as memory-institution: how the workings of the archive play a substantial role in what we can remember, and therefore what we can think, feel and do today. The thesis uses different narratives such as biblical ones to investigate how the archive influences our everyday life. After that, it introduces the anarchive: an artistic and rebellious archive that bends, challenges and changes these structures to create an archive in which every perspective has a place, by making use of the original archive as well as notions of my own anarchive: the knowledge of the body; the use of fiction; and horizontal working.

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