2019- Mo(nu)ment

Title: Mo(nu)ment
Interdisciplinary installation (straw, cloth, pvc, rope and performance with bowl, alchemy, drawing, photos and audience-activism)
Year: 2019
Executed in different locations, photos made in Gallery Mainoeuvre, Berlin, Germany

The installation consists of a self-made tent ( a 'tipi'), a drawing, photos, and clay and stones manufactured by alchemic processes. In this installation I execute a story-telling performance in an intimate setting, for 2-3 people at once. I use story-telling and alchemy as well as the input of people from all over the world, people I call my 'markers', who inform me if something changes both in their inner world as in their outside world, to make a poetic and political statement. Through the performance I invite the people who come to the performance to execute a small, almost invisible act of poetic activism.

It's about the inside and the outside.
It's about borders and how we deal with them, socially and politically.
It's about the world: how we live off it, instead of with it.
It's about the connection of everything to everything.

The performance is to be experienced intellectually, emotionally and artistically, and it will activate you. Together with the people who come to the performance I create a moment. A moment for reflection, connection and shared time. A moment as a monument. Not a monument made out of stone, cold, unchangeable, but a monument which is as life itself: fluid, ever-changing, connected with everyone and everything.

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