Title: NACH INNEN/in de nacht
Delegated performance
Year: 2018
Performers: Christèl Wormgoor Hutabarat, Lou Patat, Jesse van der Wel, Frank Spaen, Rozemarijn Vasen, Marleen Veldhoen
Muziek/Music: Warner Slump

From October 2017 until April 2018 I researched with professional and non-professional performers in which ways we can make contact with another through the body. For this, I used techniques and information from shamanism, psychotherapy, neurology, hippies and other people I met the year before, when I took a year off. During the process, we would do guided mediations, physical improv, and story-telling; but there were also times where I gave a lecture on Augustinus of Hippo and Bergson and combined the two in a theory on time and contact; or a meeting when I invited a lot of artists to bring their work or create new work live, all at the same time, and in this 'Celebration of Chaos' we would rehearse. 

Our research was broad and intensive, and inspired the part of my thesis on the emotional and collective archive, as well as a series of lectures I would give later on Augustinus of Hippo, as well as it was the startingpoint of my collectvie project 'Het Huis'. For more information on these projects, see below. 
We shared our research in a performance called 'NACH INNEN/in de nacht'.   

Connected projects:
A Celebration of Chaos
Lezingen Levenskunst
Het Huis

Dieuwke Slump
Alle rechten voorbehouden 2018
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