Title: Het Huis (The House)
6 week-project with a presentation made out of the house where we lived, text, installation, sound, video, performance, photography, bio art and social sculpture
Year: 2018
In collective 'Binnenstebuiten Lichaam' with Elisa Klabbers and Vera van Oostveen


From October until half December 2018 I have worked on a project on living art. I created a little community with three other young artists, and since October we lived together and worked together in a house in a residential area in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands. In these months, we've investigated this term 'living art', in the meaning of art that is alive and in the meaning of viewing life itself as an artwork.

Every Monday we organized a gathering with the neighbourhood. We would share what we had encountered in the past week, show the works we made, and have some food and drinks together, based on the work we made. This was an interactive activity, where people form the neighbourhood were invited to go into the house and discover our life and work there. This interactive engagement with our life and works would then form a starting point to have a conversation with the neighbours on living art: on what they found important in their lives, on how they would want to live. This conversation would in turn effect our process and our way of thinking.

After this period of six weeks, we had people from the neighbourhood and other people who were interested, follow a script through the house and the neighbourhood, encountering people, places and things that we had encountered or created along the process.

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