Title: Zonder filosofische consistentie
24 hour-performance; talks; and performative installation with text, performers and their chosen material or object (in this case, Nadine Febranof with dead moles)
Year: 2017
Executed at Gallery MEEK, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

I was working as a theatre maker and teacher at Spirare, an alternative learning environment for children and youngsters who had dropped out of primary school or high school. In a workshopseries, I developed with them a method of experiencing art with your whole body, instead of just looking at it.

I applied this method to the project 'Zonder filosofische consistentie'. I was locked up in this gallery, Gallery MEEK in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, for 24 hours. During this period of time, I used our method, a specific way of moving and interacting with the artworks present in the gallery at that time. After I did this, I wrote a text about this performance and about fading borders. Borders between the inside and the outside, myself and the artworks. 

Using this text as a starting point, I had talks with people who lived in the neighbourhood of the gallery about what borders mean to them. We ended every talk with imagining a certain material or object that would reflect the impact of the talk best for the people involved.At the exhibition, I presented the text on the wall of the gallery, and placed in front of it every night a different person with whom I had had a talk on borders, together with the material or object we had ended the conversation with.

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