Title: Attempts to turn water blue
Installation with video and objects
Year: 2017
With contributions of: Nikos Pinzanes (Greece), Alaa Kouka (Egypt), Fonge Frieling (The Netherlands), Jenifer Carvalho Lopes (Brazil), Laura Fasulo (Italy) a.o.

I asked people from different countries (my markers) to turn water in their environment blue: a poetic action to go back to the stubborn wonder of children who, in their drawings, paint water bright blue, although it's more often than not, grey. In the final installation, I showed these videos of all the attempts people from all over the world undertook to turn water blue, and I also showed my own attempt 'live' at the exhibition: a huge hourglass filled with blue paint pigment over an aquarium with water, which slowly mixed and thereby turned the water blue.

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